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2-MMC Powder | 2-MMC Crystal | 2-MMC Pellets

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If 3-MMC sets your pulse racing, just wait until you discover its intriguing sibling, 2-MMC. The two are rather like twins, separated at birth but now reunited in the laboratory! 3-MMC may have taken an early retirement, but 2-MMC is ready to steal the show!

First you must choose option and form.


Get ready to meet the Rockstar of the Cathinone Clan: 2-MMC synthetic cathinones , the doppelgänger of 3-MMC!

Just like the Rolling Stones took over from the Beatles, 2-MMC synthetic cathinones is stepping into the limelight. Grabbing the mantle from its superstar sibling 3-MMC in the cathinone family. Quirky and intriguing, 2-MMC powder and its other forms has a novelty about it that sets it apart, all thanks to a cheeky twist in its chemical structure.

This makes the research with 2-MMC both familiar and new, a thrilling roller-coaster!

You might see double – 2-MMC and 3-MMC look so much alike! They come in the same stylish wardrobe of powder, crystal, and pellet form, giving you many choices for your research needs. The buzz around town calls 2-MMC synthetic cathinones the “doppelgänger” and absolute “show-stealer” compared to 3-MMC.


So, what’s the scoop on 2-MMC?

Rumours have it that 2-MMC first waltzed onto the scene in 2014, though the precise date of its grand entrance remains shrouded in mystery. With a fancy scientific name —1-(2-methylphenyl)-2-(methylamino)propan-1-one—it arrives with a formula weight that hits the scales at a breezy 177.247 g·mol−1. And the secret recipe? C11H15NO.

A proud member of the cathinone family, 2-MMC is associated with many well-known players in the research chemical world. Ever heard of ephedrine or methcathinone? They’re all part of the same exciting clan, each with its own distinct character and charm.
But hold onto your lab coats because the journey with 2-MMC synthetic cathinones is just beginning!

Like any good mystery novel, the story of this compound is still being written, and its full potential is yet to be discovered. So why not join the research? Roll up your sleeves, dive into your research, and let the unique results of your lab guide you to your own thrilling conclusion.


Handling 2-MMC synthetic cathinones in All Its Forms: Powder, Pellets & Crystals

Let’s not forget – 2-MMC synthetic cathinone shines like a superstar in the research chemical universe! However, remember it’s destined for lab use only, and you should never use it for human or animal consumption. Handle this compound with the utmost respect and attention.

It’s a little bit like a temperamental diva, so remember to store it in a cool, dry dressing room away from the glaring spotlight of direct sunlight. And when you’re not using it, keep it in its private trailer to avoid any unnecessary drama!

When you’re ready to work with this superstar, wear your best lab coat or protective gear. Because safety is always in fashion! Gloves, eye protection, and a spiffy lab coat will do the trick. And when the show is over? Time to clean up!

Use disinfectant sprays or wipes and ensure no trace of our star is left on stage. Voila! You’re now ready to explore the fantastic world of 2-MMC. Keep experimenting, keep researching, and remember to buy 2-MMC powder, pellets or crystals for your next big research!


Looking to buy 3-MMC online?

Whoa, hold your horses! We’ve got sad news and good news. The sad? You can’t buy 3-MMC online anymore – it’s gone the way of the dodo. The good? Prepare for a new hero: the magnificent 2-MMC powder, crystal, and pellets!

Jump into the endless whirlpool of research with 2-MMC from RealChems! We push our 2-MMC synthetic cathinones to the limit in rigorous tests. This guarantees you the most exquisite and radiant crystal, best-crafted powder, and top-notch pellets (each a hefty 180 mg).

We know how much you loved our 3-MMC – ordered it all the time, didn’t you? But, alas, it took its final bow. But don’t you fret! Our 2-MMC is ready to take the spotlight. Ready to skyrocket your studies and pilot you through unexplored research territories? Whether you prefer powder, pellets, or crystal, we’ve covered you with 2-MMC in all its sparkling forms.

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Roll up, roll up, science enthusiasts! Our 2-MMC is the showstopper, the talk of the laboratory town! But remember, it’s strictly a ‘Look, Don’t Consume!’ affair. Reserved for lab use only – no humans or animals. Just to be crystal clear, it’s all about the research!

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Case Number: 1246911-71-6

Formal Name —1-(2-methylphenyl)-2-(methylamino)propan-1-one—

Formation: Solid pressed pellets (180 mg each), crystalline and powder

Formula Weight: 177.247 g·mol−1

Molecular Formula: C11H15NO

Available Options: Each pellet contains 180 mg of 2-MMC. Choose from a variety of quantities displayed above when adding to your cart! If you are looking for wholesale pricing, please visit our wholesale info page for more details. 

Lastly, you must be at least 18 years old to buy 2-MMC. Please ensure you have read our shipping information page before placing your order of 2-MMC. 



We ship Monday to Friday, same day dispatch if ordered and payment is received before 12.30 pm Central European Time. Your products are shipped from our central warehouse in The Netherlands.


Our products are shipped in a strong and regular looking envelope. There are no references to chemicals or Realchems on the outer packaging at all. It looks like any other enveloppe. In the outer envelope you will find a sealed Mylar foil bags to protect the research chemicals until use.


As a customer please check the legality of this chemical in your country before ordering. We are not responsible for any kind of consequences that are a result of purchasing one of our chemical research products.


Most of our products are available wholesale. Please contact us for more information.We endeavor to answer Wholesale inquiries within 24hr hours (Mon-Fri).

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8 reviews for 2-MMC Powder | 2-MMC Crystal | 2-MMC Pellets

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    Rajini (verified owner)

    very harsh. chemically smell strong.

  2. English

    Alexandre (verified owner)

    tre bone

  3. English



  4. English

    Experiment (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

    Calmy coming effect, nice and still lasting.
    Nothing crazy just well setting thing!

  5. English


    Had a lot of fun researching this chemical. Worth trying for sure! Thanks for the fast delivery. I love like how you guys ship the product. Well protected and nobody would ever guess what’s inside the regular looking package.

  6. English

    Łukasz (verified owner)

    as typical nice 2mmc

  7. English

    CLIP77 (verified owner)

    Premetto che non posso fare paragoni perché il precedente mnc non l’ho mai provato ma questo a mio parere è veramente ottimo per le ricerche che sta producendo e lo consiglio se avete da fare le ricerche di utilizzarlo perché può offrirvi delle sorprese gradite.

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    Rosario (verified owner)


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