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TRYPTAMINE SAMPLE PACK 2 = €200 (€52 saving!). TRYPTAMINE SAMPLE PACK 2 contains 6 x 0,5 gram of the most exciting tryptamines on the market today. If you’re interested in learning and experimenting more with tryptamines but you’re unsure of which one to start with, this is the sample pack for you. In addition, we also offer Tryptamine Sample Pack 1, containing the same tryptamines, only in smaller quantities of 0,25gr each (6 x 0,25gr).

Tryptamines are potent compounds that are understood to be psychedelic in nature. However, aside from this, they can vary quite a bit in their function. Researchers must work with each individual compound in order to deduce their full potential.   Content of Tryptamine Sample Pack 2  0,5gr of 4-AcO-MET 0,5gr of 4-HO-EPT 0,5gr of 4-AcO-MiPT 0,5gr of DPT-HCL 0,5gr of 4-HO-DPT 0,5gr of 4-AcO-DET 4-AcO-MET The definition of 4-AcO-MET is officially known as 4-Acetoxy-N-ethyl-N-methyltryptamine but is often referred under the names Metacetin and Azomet. It’s a lesser-known substance of tryptamine class a structurally related to psychedelic tryptamines such as 4-AcO-DMT, 4-AcO-DET and 4-AcO-MiPT. If you are looking to explore the world of rare tryptamines, this is a no-brainer! This compound is endlessly exciting to research. 4-HO-EPT 4-HO-EPT is also known as 4-hydroxy-N-ethyl-N-propyltryptamine. It’s a relatively unheard-of compound and, as such, there are no nicknames for it. Like other substituted tryptamines, it shares a lot of structural similarities with psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms. Psilocybin’s chemical name is actually 4-HO-DMT, and is much more similar in structure to these research chemicals than most people are aware. Nonetheless, don’t expect the experience to be the same. Researchers report a lot of similarities but it is the differences that set these chemicals apart. Expect a shorter duration of research with 4-HO-EPT.   4-AcO-MiPT 4-AcO-MiPT, or 4-Acetoxy-MiPT, also known as mipracetin, is a psychedelic tryptamine. Because the compound is relatively new and understudied, there isn’t a lot of pharmacological data available. However, most of the 4-AcO compounds, and tryptamines in general, are often safe unless used to excess or produce obvious side effects like a heavy body load.   DPT HCL DPT, or dipropyltryptamine, is a less-popular psychedelic compound. It has been known for many decades but its popularity has failed to reach the levels of its more approachable cousin, DMT. DPT, or dipropyltryptamine, is referred to as “The Light” by a religious group known as The Temple of the True Inner Light, who revere the substance — synthetic as it may be — as a sacrament hailed from god. DPT research does share some similarities with DMT, especially in the sense that it is short-acting. Some might say that aspiring researchers will reach the same conclusion in their research, but each compound takes a completely different route in getting there. DPT is said to be much heavier and requires researchers to remain aware of their physical bodies.   4-HO-DPT 4-HO-DPT is a lesser-known analog of a substance that is itself relatively unpopular: DPT. Both of these chemicals have a tryptamine base and give rise to the belief that 4-HO-DPT, like other molecules of this class, exerts much of its influence by 5-HT2a receptor stimulation. 4-HO-DPT is not the same as DPT, but it shares a lot of similarities. It is the 4-hydroxyl analog of the base DPT. This chemical change can attribute to a number of effects, changing both the potency and duration of research required.   4-AcO-DET 4-AcO-DET, also known as ethacetin (chemical name 4-acetoxy-N,N-diethyltryptamine), is a relatively unknown psychedelic in this family of chemicals. Unlike most of the other chemicals on this list, which was first synthesized by Shulgin, 4-AcO-DET was actually made by Albert Hofmann in 1958, several years after he discovered LSD. 4-AcO-DET is believed to be hydrolyzed into free phenolic 4-HO-DET, although researchers have not yet confirmed this. Nonetheless, expect the experience to be quite similar to the experience of 4-HO-DET.   Where to buy tryptamines  Tryptamine Sample Pack 2 can be purchased here on the website. We sell premium quality tryptamines typically in powder form. These are available in different potencies for different research purposes. However, we often have other substance forms available, so feel free to contact us to see if we have your preferred substance form in stock. You must be at least 18 years old to buy the tryptamine sample pack from us.      

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Buy Tryptamines  TRYPTAMINE SAMPLE PACK 2 = €200 (€52 saving!). TRYPTAMINE SAMPLE PACK 2 contains 6 x 0,5 gram of the most exciting tryptamines on the market today. If you’...


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