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1P-LSD Blotters

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Immerse yourself in the captivating research of our 1P-LSD blotters, a top-selling secret in the world of research chemicals. These lysergamides blotters, available in the classic 1P-LSD 100ug, are making quite a splash. Need precision in your research? Our microblotters are only a click away.

First you must choose option and form.
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Discover the Spectacular World of 1P-LSD Lysergamides Blotters!

Step right in and meet our star 1P-LSD Blotters! Unravel the wonders of 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide – a tongue-twister, we know, but the thrill of discovery is all part of the package. This isn’t your typical lysergamide – it’s a symphony of semi-synthetic marvels, the famous sibling of LSD and ALD-52.

The original synthesis date of 1P-LSD is a story untold. Bathing in mystery, it has evaded documentation in scientific annals. Popularity, though? Uniquely, 1p-lsd lysergamides blotters have managed to slip through scientific literature. Talk of the RC community? Oh, it’s top of the charts! It’s the darling of researchers, frequently making the headlines in the world of most explored lysergamides.


Experience the High-Quality 1P-LSD Blotters!

Step into the world of our top-selling 1P-LSD lysergamides blotters, each dosed at a potent 100ug. But wait, we’ve got more! For those seeking subtler research, we also offer 1P-LSD micro blotters (20ug).

When you buy 1P-LSD blotters from your favourite vendor (that’s us!), remember to wear your lab coat and glove because safety in the lab is no joke! Ensure your space is as cool as a cucumber and as dry as a desert for optimal shelf-life. And remember, – cleanliness is next to godliness. So keep those surfaces spotless when you’re handling our blotters.


Explore the Possibilities – Beyond Just Blotters!


While our 1P-LSD blotters are a fan favourite, we understand that some of you may prefer alternative methods. Fear not- we have you covered with various forms, such as 1P-LSD pellets and 1P-LSD liquid. That’s right- you can now buy 1P-LSD blotters online in various forms!


Introducing 1P-LSD: Your Go-To Lysergamide with a Dash of Excitement

Ever wondered about the backstage heroes of the lysergamide world? Allow us to introduce you to 1P-LSD, also known by the more formal name 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide. As a proud member of the lysergamide class, it’s quite the chemist’s darling, coming into existence from a dance between lysergic acid diethylamide and ALD-52. Quite the family tree, wouldn’t you say?
Much like its cousin ALD-52, this perky little chem sports a propionyl group hanging out on the nitrogen of the indole group of lysergic acid diethylamide.

The only difference? ALD-52 rocks an acetyl group instead. They’re like two sides of the same groovy coin!
1P-LSD made its grand debut in the online research chemical scene in 2015. The mystery of its first synthesiser remains, but we know that it’s been stealing the spotlight ever since – popping up in academic circles and making waves in the research chemical market. Isn’t life a tad more exciting with a dash of mystery?

So, there you have it – the story of our best-selling 1P-LSD blotters. They’re chemistry’s hidden gem, wrapped up in a neat little package and ready for your research needs. Just remember, these blotters are for research. Stay curious, stay safe!


Seeking 1P-LSD? Seek No Further!

Eager to explore the 1P-LSD terrain? You’re at the right station! RealChems is your one-stop shop for the best 1P-LSD blotters. Also on the menu, our 1P-LSD microblotters (20ug) are sure to tickle your fancy.

But the party doesn’t stop there! We occasionally roll out other forms, so give us a nudge and check what’s cooking in our lab! Remember, though, you’ve got to be at least 18 years young to research lysergamides.

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We ship Monday to Friday, same day dispatch if ordered and payment is received before 12.30 pm Central European Time. Your products are shipped from our central warehouse in The Netherlands.


Our products are shipped in a strong and regular looking envelope. There are no references to chemicals or Realchems on the outer packaging at all. It looks like any other enveloppe. In the outer envelope you will find a sealed Mylar foil bags to protect the research chemicals until use.


As a customer please check the legality of this chemical in your country before ordering. We are not responsible for any kind of consequences that are a result of purchasing one of our chemical research products.


Most of our products are available wholesale. Please contact us for more information.We endeavor to answer Wholesale inquiries within 24hr hours (Mon-Fri).

Bewertungen (123)

123 Bewertungen für 1P-LSD Blotters

  1. Englisch


    Blotters acted effectively in the lab. Customer service were helpful, arrived next day and they even included a sample of 2/3-FEA. overall a very smooth purchase!
    Thankyou Real Chems!

  2. Englisch


    I like it

  3. Englisch


    Good stealth, everything as it should be. Easy process altogether and a good product.

  4. Englisch


    I ordered some 1P-LSD from your shop and I have to say it’s really good stuff. I tested 250 µg The blotters didn’t seem to be underdosed. All in all it was an amazing experience.

    10/10 would buy again

  5. Englisch


    fast delivery, great potency and really everything as it describes in the item describtion, shipping took just over a day to reach me overseas in Europe. just cant seem to stop researching this high quality chemical

  6. Englisch


    Very fast shipping, quality on point, low prices, friendly customer service. Recommend to everyone, best supplier in Europe.

  7. Englisch


    Couldn’t notice any difference to the ‚originial‘. Excelent customer service and great quality.

  8. Englisch


    This molecule is absolutely amazing. Great for research.
    Thanks Real Chems!

  9. Englisch


    Just wanted to say thanks, the product arrived very fast and it had great potency. Thanks Realchems.
    Very professional, you guys are doing great work, 10/10 would buy again

  10. Englisch


    Ordered on wednesday it arrived to thursday! Very good quality and research is grear! Thank you guys for also including free 5 20ug blotters, hope to see them availible at store! 10/10

  11. Englisch


    this is one of the purest experiments I had:)thank you

  12. Englisch


    I can’t complain about the 1P-LSD that is being sold here. It has very good quality, and doesn’t seem to be underdosed, or anything of the sort. I’m satisfied with this substance. But dissappiinted with the 4-ho-mipt

  13. Englisch


    Great product. Ordered 2 times already and the shipping took only 3 days each 🙂

  14. Englisch


    Qualitativ sind die Pappen sehr gut . Sie tun eben was sie sollen .

  15. Englisch


    This is exactly as I would have expected. In the lab we couldn’t find any difference in the effects of this compound to it’s parent compound LSD-25. The blotters are also very evenly dosed which makes for predictable research results regarding the potency of the blotters.
    I can recommend making a solution with distilled water with a strength of 20ug/mL if you a are interested in the microdosing aspect of lysergamides and want to minimize the uncertainty of dosage that comes with cutting the blotters.
    Shipping was fast and professional.

  16. Englisch


    Ordered six times already and was always pleased with the product.
    Way to go guys!

  17. Englisch


    Fast shipping, wonderful product.
    Thank you RealChems!

  18. Englisch


    Fast shipping and great research potency. Ordered twice, both packages arrived with no issues.

  19. Englisch


    Haute qualité, prix bas, livraison rapide… 10/10 !

  20. Englisch


    Snail mail, one week into Europe.
    Thank you

  21. Englisch


    This company is legit. They are professional in all aspect and the purity and quality of the substance is high.

  22. Englisch


    here 1 2 3, this is a true comment
    already bougth multiple times and everytime great and fast shipping. products are indeed good

  23. Englisch


    Package has arrived with no issues. Although research has not been conducted yet, look forward to more orders in the future. Thanks!

  24. Englisch


    delivered to slovakia in 4 business days. great research potency haha

  25. Englisch

    Kurt Godel

    Preliminary results very enlightening – further research required

  26. Englisch


    Shipping was only 1 week to eu and was very high quality!

  27. Englisch


    Shipping was only 1 week to eu and was very high quality!

  28. Englisch


    Shipping was only 1 week to eu and was very high quality!

  29. Englisch


    fast and good customer support.
    1plsd good for research purposes.

  30. Englisch


    Excellent service : livraison rapide et propre, produits parfaits / fast and neat shipping, perfect products.

  31. Englisch


    Does exactly what it’s meant to do. Excellent quality and precise.

  32. Englisch

    A bot lol

    Do these guys ship to USA??

  33. Englisch


    Algún envío hacia mexico?

  34. Englisch

    Anonymous Canadian

    This was my first time ordering 1P-LSD online and I was pleasantly surprised by how good this site was. I ordered 10 100mcg blotters and paid via BTC. Sent them an email right away after ordering to confirm it was on its way, and later on in the day they emailed me back saying they shipped it, even though I slightly underpaid them. Recieved the blotters very quickly, only about 3 days later (I ussed the most expensive shipping option with tracking) even though I live in canada, and they ship from the netherlands. The package it came in, was a discreet brown envelope with plastic bubblewrap padding inside, and the product itself was inside a small zip lock platic baggie, that itself was inside a sealed reflective/metalic plastic pouch. The 1P-LSD itself was of a good quality and testing with it went well :P. Overall, I would deffinetly recommend this site and product to anyone, esspecially if youre located in europe.

    TL:DR great quality product, quick shipping, fantastic customer service, good discreet packaging. Would highly recomend!

  35. Englisch


    hope to conduct research soon

  36. Englisch


    Super amazing potent and fast service got to North America in a little over 14 days

  37. Englisch


    Professional packaging and good potency. Indistinguishable from the original

    Delivered to SE Asia within 2 weeks

  38. Englisch


    Ordered airmail, arrived no problem. This shit hitting hard as hell damn. Wondering when acid tolerance resets

  39. Englisch


    sold these to middle schoolers for 30 a pop made 4000 inna day

  40. Englisch


    Got 5 taps to east coast of Canada showed up in 14 business days excellent quality and research strength

  41. Englisch


    Fast delivery, specially during busy Christmas period.
    The product was also of very good quality. It mixed very well with the colouring dyenig and it could be seen sharp under the microscope. It then had a stable formulation, liquefaction and phase separation. Many thanks for contributing to science with such an efficience and reliability. Groeten,

  42. Englisch



  43. Englisch


    No problems here.
    Took just eight days.
    Experimented for first time in ten years.
    Just like i remember.
    Get the lab all set up and away you go!

  44. Englisch


    Best quality, very short delivery time, perfect packing…

  45. Englisch


    italy, pack received in 7 days. need to experiment

  46. Englisch


    Excellent quality, fast shipping to Slovakia (4 days)

  47. Englisch


    I’m impressed by the absolutely wonderful customer service when trying to fix my order. Fast and honest. Absolutely recommend.

  48. Englisch


    Good effects but don’t mix with stimulants otherwise your next trip direct to hospital

  49. Englisch


    Very fast shipping, arrived in Italy (by Ups) without any problem. So now i must to do research, thanks so much.

  50. Englisch


    Fast Shipping to south america and very good quality

  51. Englisch


    I live it

  52. Englisch

    Sicilian Explorer

    All perfect from start to finish!

  53. Englisch


    Have bought 2 days ago and arrived today in Portugal. didnt test it but it looks promising. Best RC shop in the web.

  54. Englisch


    Fast delivery, good price, amazing effects. Will definetly research again

  55. Englisch


    thankyou so much arrived within a month using airmail to NA, fantastic testing

  56. Englisch


    Can vouch it’s real and good. Got mine twice using airmail.

  57. Englisch


    The pack with 25 blotters arrived in Italy in 5 days. Discrete packaging, very safe.
    Best seller in the net

  58. Englisch


    Took 3weeks to arrive in Aus
    As good as original

  59. Englisch


    Grate products and service!

  60. Englisch


    Lab test was positive very clean and the package got to the canaries.

  61. Englisch


    It took 17 working days to arrive to a nearby country, but 99% likely due to corona. It was my first time researching 1p, but the dosage accuracy and purity is a million times better than any regular blotters. Will restock soon 😀

  62. Englisch


    Hands down the best LSD on the market, potent as f*ck, cheers

  63. Englisch


    Interesting just seeing if comments work

  64. Englisch


    Package was discrete and arrived quickly. Research yielded strong.
    Very satisfied!!

  65. Englisch



  66. Englisch



  67. Englisch



  68. Englisch



  69. Englisch


    Me aburro

  70. Englisch


    shipping was superfast, 2 days within eu. it was a pretty positive and great experience especially with some pink floyd (dsotm) playing in the background… 🙂

  71. Englisch


    Delivery to france in 4 days and amazing quality 10/10

  72. Englisch


    Great research Chem.

  73. Englisch

    Luca (real person)

    It does it’s job and the site is safe in my opinion

  74. Englisch


    Can’t wait to get my hands on this

  75. Englisch


    There’s no reason to change for another! Keep it up!

  76. Englisch


    Excellent quality and very professional service!!!
    I have a lot of reasons to feel safe to buy what I need here for a long long time !!

  77. Englisch



  78. Englisch


    Qualité au top envoie rapide rien à dire le meilleur site pour moi vous pouvez y aller les yeux fermer !!!

  79. Englisch

    Albert H

    Great ,great ,great.
    Most important I have tested it,it’s always 1-P LSD
    Thanks you for safe research.

  80. Englisch


    The experiment was a success. Shipping is very professional and discreet.

  81. Englisch


    Why not?

  82. Englisch


    Payed for the product , custumor service found the payment and shipped the order ASAP ,
    Great product for testing , amazing packaging , great service , and pure product , great qualities … would recommend to any researcher ..
    will order again next week in larger quantities

  83. Englisch


    Very good quality in my opinion and very fast delivery ti Asia

  84. Englisch


    I just want to say that these are super good.
    Lizard has done a superb job in doing these.
    I hope they will remain this good.

  85. Englisch


    arrived in 8 days, good and useful for lab researchs

  86. Englisch


    Amazing potent and fast service, 10 days…research went great, what a great experience

  87. Englisch


    decent product

  88. Englisch


    The package came in ~4 days ( south of France )
    It’s a truly powerful product.

    I will buy again soon 🙂

  89. Englisch


    I received the product after a week. Not sure about the potency of the product

  90. Englisch


    Pure and potent are the magic words!
    Realchems is the real deal!
    Thank you

  91. Englisch


    After two weeks, the order arrived in the Canary Islands. Good packaging and quality.

  92. Englisch


    I am from the south of France and took the cheapest delivery, I received my two blotters well packed in my mailbox only 5 days after sending my order, I am happy with the result!
    I recommend this site to you all my friends.

  93. Englisch


    It took approximately five days to ship to Spain with the standard shipping, which was a really nice surprise. The product was professionally packaged, and its quality surpassed my expectations. The blotters are evenly dosed, which is just what you’re looking for when doing research. Great experience overall, will definitely repeat!

  94. Englisch


    very good product

  95. Englisch


    to slovakia no problem with dhl , packaging very good, we tried 100ug and had perfect experience, would recommend.

  96. Englisch

    T 800

    Order came in only 5 days untracked. Just ordered another batch. Top quality research was done in my lab.

  97. Englisch


    Researchers from Hindustan (I*dia) can order without hesitation! Received mine roughly 20 days after ordering (paid extra for post.nl tracking mind you) and most of delay happened at the customs here. Thanks a lot RealChems team! Great packaging and customer service. You have gotten yourself a loyal customer 😀

  98. Englisch


    Very Professional and fast service !!! thank you !

  99. Englisch


    Potent, pure and fast delivery to France (5 days).

  100. Englisch


    had some deez sent to aus, grouse results i must say, just made a second order, cheers cobs

  101. Englisch


    Good quality, basic compound. Good communication with staff, delivery is quick for the distance. Thanks guys

  102. Englisch


    5 stars. Fast shipping and blotters are so potent.

  103. Englisch


    Ordered from Canada so far twice, both times amazing, first time untracked came after about 30 business days, was a little worried but opened the mail one day and bam! Happiness! Second time ordered a lot more, Tracked, came faster, although the tracking… half worked? It stopped tracking after it entered Canada but came really fast like 23 business days. Great Stuff!

  104. Englisch


    No words to describe this beautiful shop. Bravo. Everything is the top

  105. Englisch


    Research with chemist friends was conducted successfully. Those are some potent samples, I think you’ll be quite satisfied with their effects! Shipping in Europe was pretty quick as well, the package came in the same week as ordered via a third party delivery service, so no public mail that slacks off constantly. Cheers!

  106. Englisch


    Calidad buenisima y una atención al cliente muy seria .siempre resolviendo todas las preguntas.
    Espero que pronto se pueda volver a pagar con tarjeta .

  107. Englisch



  108. Englisch


    Good product

  109. Englisch


    Just came in 3 days to Italy. Top quality

  110. Englisch


    Delivery to Poland in 4 working days.
    By accident i ordered 1P-LSD instead 1CP-LSD for my r**s.

  111. Englisch


    I’m from Portugal and the order arrived in perfect conditions, super discreet.
    Top customer support!
    We’ve tried it multiple times and the experiences are out of this world.
    I’m sure I’ll buy again from RealChems!

  112. Englisch


    It took 10 days with tracked shipping to czech republic, discreet packaging, quality product

  113. Englisch


    Came in 6Days in France, Tracked with DHL. Perfect for my lab test. I’ll test them soon, great package otherwise.

  114. Englisch


    Came in 6DD in Fr, tested with reagent test kit and ok. My testing subject seem’s to be receptive to this compound! 🙂

  115. Englisch


    Touch down after exactly 3 weeks. I found the product to be very potent. Moreover, excellent customer service and discreet packaging. Would definitely recommend.

  116. Englisch


    Just great for all research puroses, and price is so affordable. Highly recommend

  117. Englisch


    Got 5 tabs, received in 1 week untracked to Spain, everything was fine, no problems.
    Already ordered 25 more tabs!

  118. Englisch


    Uno de los productos estrella de la pagina

  119. Englisch


    the best quality you will find on LSD

  120. Englisch


    The shipment took 20 days but it was worth it. Totally safe and professional

  121. Englisch


    My friend gave me those to try and said its only 100ug so its light. Oh boyy. I am gonna order some more, this stuff is potent as hell. But please be careful guys and dont use two tabs at first time researching when you try it, it was overwhelming.

  122. Englisch


    5 stars packaging and product handling.
    The product is good, and testings tend to say there is a 30-40 minutes delay on the chemicals to start doing effect.
    I’m coming back to get some more for further testing.

  123. Englisch


    The best t**p ewer!!!

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